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Wild Side Teams with Wildlife Experts, Employs the Same

At Wild Side understand how important it is to have trustworthy, reliable and quality services. Wild Side considers each tour and guest unique. Our professionally trained crew are passionate about sharing their knowledge and excitement for Hawaii's marine life, and cultural history with our guests. That is what makes our ohana of hand-picked guides the best in Hawaii -

Wild Side Specialty Tours is a small "Mom and Pop" owner-operated company. Operating out of O`ahu’s Waianae Boat Harbor since 1996, Tori and Armin Cullins team up with national wildlife research organizations and non-profits, in addition to hiring graduate students with masters degrees in marine biology to lead open-ocean excursions.

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Captain - Tori Cullins

owner and captain Tori CullinsA USCG captain (who trained as crew for Polynesian Voyaging canoes), resident marine biologist, and environmental sciences grad. Tori has been actively involved in conservation efforts, scientific research, education, and eco-tourism related to mairne mammals and their habitat for 20 years..

Armin Cullins

The man behind the scenes. Boats, fishing, and the ocean occupy most of his time. He spent two years on an incredible journey sailing the South Pacific, and recently crossed the North Pacific bringing our 50' yacht home from California. Armin enjoys sharing experiences with people from around the world, and makes sure the vessels are kept in tip top shape, while providing logistics and guidance to crewmembers and captains.


Captain - Trevor Johnson


Captain - Downing BraleyDowning Braley

Captain Downng Braley began fishing at an early age and coming from a family of male and female anglers, has lots of behavioral knowledge. He has had firsthand experience and exposure from mauka (mountain) - to makai (ocean) with native inhabitants, culture and natural history.To Captain Downing, being on the ocean is not only recreational but mental therapy, relieving the mind of all tension and stress. It also opens the gateway to a deep nature connection, and respect for all ocean wildlife.


Office Manager, ElizabethElizabeth Hartford: The "voice" of Wild Side, and often the voice of reason behind the operations. Elizabeth holds the fort down at the office amid the "mad scientists" and manages to do so while always maintaining a professional and outgoing manner to all, must've been all those years in the mental health field where she built and ran R.O.P.E.S. (challenge) courses!, Or maybe she just loves her job. Sometimes we let her out to come onboard, usually we can't do without her.


Sofia Dahl: Swedish Sailor Sofia has a Masters degree in Biology. She has been interested in wildlife and especially marine mammals her entire life, and is happy to be in Hawaii and out of the cold! We love her work ethic and charm. Her photography and data collecting skills are a valuable addition to the ongoing research that is being collected on the whales and dophins of Oahu... in the wild.


Qualifications of crew members may include SCUBA, CPR, First Aid, Emergency Responder, and Water Rescue Certification.

Volunteer Research Team from the Wild Dolphin Foundation


Those we will always hold dear...

Maloi ScrivnerMalori Scrivner

Holds an AS degree focusing on Marine Biology, and currently attending Hawaii Pacific University for grad work.  She is very interested in the conservation of our marine mammals, a passion of hers since childhood.


Noelle Rucinski

Noelle graduated with a Marine Science degree from the University of Hawaii and worked with the scientific diving program documenting fish diversity and abundance on the Big Island and Kahoolawe.  She was awarded for studies and Noelle Rucinskiconservation of hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles on their remote nesting beaches.  Continuing to explore more of the underwater world, she worked as a scuba instructor in the Red Sea and Belize.  After coming back to the islands after several years working in resource management on the Bering Sea commercial fishing fleet, she joins us as a deckhand.  Feel safe out in the blue under this trained lifeguard's watchful eye and share in her strange sense of humor and her love and knowledge of sea creatures.

"Keiki" Cunningham

Keiki (pictured to the left below) born and raised in Hawaii not only in fluent in the Hawaiian language ( anative speaker), but has an inherent love for the ocean. She holds a degree in Biology, Pre-Med and has recently applied to veterinary schools across the nation.  While attedning the University in California, she worked for San Pedro's Marine Mammal Care Center rehabilitating sea lions, elephant, fur and harbor seals. Her passion for veterinary medicine has driven her to also volunteer for the International Bird Rescue, California Wildlife Center, Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley, CARE baboon conservation, and Chino Valley Equine Clinic.  She hopes to return to Hawaii after veterinary school to practice wildlife medicine and help push towards the conservation of Hawaii’s native animals.


Brianne LoganBrianne - "New Blood" comes onto the scene to carry on with her parents mission of marine research, advocacy and education. Finishing up her high school years with home schooling; the boat became an ocean classroom to study the ocean and its inhabitants, and to share this information while equally learning life lessons and geography from our onboard guests. Now she's been accepted into nursing school, but who knows, maybe someday she will still take over the business!

Danielle Snodgrass

Danielle sharing dolphin behaviorDanielle, has graduated and is moving on to college life we're just not ready to take her off our pages yet... :(

A high school honors student (her debate team recently won the State Finals!), is equally devoted to all things aquatic, specifically whales and dolphins. In her senior year, she is out on or in the water every chance she can get. Staying focused on her goals in life keeps her well disciplined. Other crew members from Wild Side Specialty Tours and active volunteers in the Wild Dolphin Foundation are her biggest role models and helpful mentors as she follows her dreams to becoming a marine biologist. Best of luck Danielle, we'll see you again :-)



Melissa Evans-Shontofski

"Heart-core" animal lover, Melissa holds an undergraduate Biology degree from UP Pittsburgh, and has completed her master’s degree in Environmental Management, her masters thesis on the subject of human-dolphin interaction. In her vast travels as a military wife she has held a wide array of environmental jobs including Naturalist for DNR, AmeriCorps member - focusing on eradication of invasive species, a veterinary technician, and as a wildlife rehabilitation specialist.



Kara Smolarek: Marine biologist, Veterinary Sciences MSc,specializes in marine mammals, her thesis: "Molecular Identification and Genetic Characterization of Cetacean Herpesviruses and Porpoise Morbillivirus," Kara has field experience with manatees, sea turtles, reef ecology in Australia and environmental education of the public; assisted with training sessions of dolphins and seals here at Sea Life Park, has marine mammal stranding response training, and is advance SCUBA certified.  She is currently teaching Biology lab at HPU.


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